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Advanced Technology Data Management Software


By moving older closed transactions to a different datasource, Archivist can help optimize the performance of your ERP system.  Performing data extractions for divested business units, checking integrity of the data, identifying un-used master data (such as Customers, Items, Employees) are just some of the ways Archivist can keep your system lean and running efficiently.  


Your ERP system does a great job of processing transactions and collecting data; however, following a sequence of transactions can be challenging.  PathFinder allows you to quickly trace a transaction (ex: Order-to-Cash, Procure-to-Pay) beginning at any point.


Creating and maintaining Vendors, Items, and other master data requires following a pre-defined process to ensure accuracy.  TaskFormer automates these repetitive tasks by providing user-definable flows, which engage different groups within the organization, to safely enter data into your ERP systems while maintaining a complete audit trail.