It is becoming more common that a business needs to extract or copy data from JD Edwards® a provide it to a separate legal entity.

  • One company sells a business unit to another company.
  • A subsidiary is spun off as a separate company.
  • A company may choose to separate data for different subsidiaries in preparation of a sale.

We have successfully helped companies with each of these scenarios. With our flexible architecture and predefined Business Objects, we can quickly facilitate the extraction of data.

The specific approach may vary depending on the requirements for each situation. For example, it may make sense to just copy or extract a subset of data if it is a small percentage of the full set of data. Alternatively, if the extracted data is the majority of the data and full copy and then purge what is needed.

The data to be extracted needs to include the transactional data, the master data, data dictionary, control tables, media objects and configuration information.

Another consideration is accessing the extracted data without JDE. For example, the divested business may be transitioning to the acquiring company’s ERP system and the historical data is just needed for reference. In this situation the JDE configuration data may not be needed; but, the data dictionary and control tables may be necessary for humans to understand the data when looking at it with another tool, such as Essentio’s PathFinder.