Testing new versions of software or software enhancements requires that a defined subset of data be available to cover system and regression test scenarios. Test databases are typically replications of production databases, so bloated test databases make less than ideal environments for testing. Archivist™ creates referentially intact copies of a subset of your production data per your specifications as “micro test environments” that significantly enhance enterprise software testing.

Archivist™ provides two unique enhancements for software testing:

  • Streamlined DatabasesArchivist™ reduces the size of production databases by as much as an order of magnitude.  By having a significantly smaller database to copy, the result is faster, easier creation of test databases.
  • Micro Test EnvironmentsMany applications can be developed faster and less expensively in a micro test environment. Archivist™ creates copies of subsets of your production data while maintaining their referential integrity. Internal or external development teams access only the necessary data for their project.

    This provides for faster development of IT initiatives, faster testing cycles, and more efficient use of limited disk space. It also enables you to share non-critical data with your development teams, thus reducing risk.

    With a micro test environment, IT staff can operate freely without worrying about conflicting with other testing and development efforts or other needs.