As the size of your databases grow unmanaged, several problems arise:

  • Significant decrease in system performance
  • Increased TCO of disk space
  • Slower disaster recovery
  • Increased time for new application development

Proper management of your data is essential to avoid these scenarios. More than just a basic archival storage program, Archivist™ allows you to easily tailor your purging and archival process by specifying key tables, relationships, and business rules that hone in on unnecessary data. This frees up system resources to better handle everyday processes such as customer service inquiries, account ledger inquiries, and nightly batch jobs.

In Archivist™ , you can configure archival and purge processes based on corporate data retention policies. Then, Archivist™ safely archives your data based on these specifications and maintains integrity between the specified tables. Additionally, Archivist™ maintains a complete and easy-to-trace audit trail.

When Archivist™ is operational, your day-to-day activities will be accelerated, and at the same time, you will have peace of mind that compliance is constantly maintained.